Your Coach Tracy

My Commitment

My promise and commitment to you, is to offer you a safe space to share your deepest feelings without blame, shame or guilt. 

My commitment to you is to offer the proper tools and strategies to help you navigate  through life's challenges by practicing cognitive behavioral therapy along with mental and emotional training. 

By practicing these strategies daily you will release the emotional ties to the past, be able to manage any current fears, anxiety and depression. 

I promise to lead with empathy while listening to your unique experience and align you and your environments to living your ultimate life.

Your Commitment

Are you committed to taking full responsibly of your life?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to reach the life you dream about? 

By your side on this ride

You are not alone anymore. 

Working together we will create a life path plan specific to meet your needs and to make sure you are reaching your own expectations. 

Your Coach Tracy

About me:)

 I live in gratitude every day for the blessings and challenges I've experienced throughout my life.  

My greatest accomplishments and what brings me the greatest joy my sons Paulo 19 and Lucio 16. It's incredible to witness them chose to become considerate, mentally strong, kind and loving young men. 

I like to think is because I kissed them endlessly when they were little:) 


I am incredible grateful for my 20 year marriage. What a journey to share a lifetime with someone and create a family! It comes with challenges and rewards. It is pure joy to have this experience.  

I AM Blessed:)

Local Girl

I am a San Diego native, with moves to Hawaii, Tahoe, San Francisco, and Arizona. I love being back in my home town of Del Mar, CA. It's a magical place to watch my family flourish.

 I am a dedicated mom, wife, and friend.  I love sharing a good laugh with people and  making people smile.

I Understand

I understand the struggle..

How can I make it through the day? My anxiety is too much:(

How do I stop yelling and arguing with my kids?

Yelling, hitting and abandonment were all a part of my past parenting and not a part of my current parenting with my children. 

I found effective ways manage my anxiety and depression daily.


I learned the fundamentals of raising a child peacefully to where every day became enjoyable. Dealing with my past parenting and choosing a new parent path for my family

I've learning how to naturally heal and manage my anxiety and depression so I can be the person I am meant to be.

Would you like to become a peaceful parent? 

Would you like to learn how to live peacefully even if you experience anxiety? 

Let's get started.....Now